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Sinful Saturdays - Demelza Hart

Well Saturday has come around once again and for the first Saturday in a very long time it is not snowing outside! (That could be because for this Saturday I'm actually at the other side of the country but I like to think that spring may have finally sprung). Everything seems to have a spring in its step and the birds are singing loudly, flowers have come into bloom and everything is a haze of colour just perfect for a walk somewhere!

Speaking of which let me introduce my guest blogger for the day the wonderful Demelza Hart. She  shares the Smut Alfresco anthology with me  where I have my story When the Rains Come, and I am delighted to have her over (even more so as it turns out this is her very first guest blog!). So please give a warm welcome to Demelza Hart

It’s great to be here at Nicole’s blog. Thanks for having me, Nicole!

I have a little confession – this is the first guest blog I’ve ever done. Newbie nerves!

Like Nicole, I’ve got a story in Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse’s new anthology, Smut Alfresco. After having several stories published with Xcite Books, it’s the first time I’ve been published with someone else (House of Erotica), so it’s exciting for me to spread my wings. Being included in such a great line-up of writers is a real treat and privilege. Actually, I nearly missed out. I only saw the call for subs (thanks to the heads-up from a friend) a week or so before the due date, but, luckily, as is often the case with a last-minute deadline, inspiration struck quickly and the words flowed easily.

My story, Into the Woods, was inspired by a particular person. A friend of mine, also an erotica author, often discusses with me the merits of hot men we encounter in the news and elsewhere. She sent me an article about a local young wildlife warden whom we both proceeded to drool over.  When I heard about Smut Alfresco, he was the first person I thought of. I wanted a man who was not afraid to get back to the basics of desire and sensuality. Jake is rough, ready and knows exactly how to make the most of the nature around him. Carrie, used to working in an office, gets more than she’s expecting when she returns to the woods to find the memory stick she’d dropped the previous day.

And very happy about it she is too! 

Creating great erotica means conveying all five senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. Sex outdoors gives opportunities for that in abundance. I was very aware of texture and temperature in the outdoor setting as I wrote – the coolness of rock, the roughness of tree bark – and I loved having the opportunity to explore how this would affect sexual response. 

Here’s a little taster:

 “You’ve been a bad girl, Carrie. You know that, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“Littering, not respecting the environment, having a fucking awful job, forcing me to accompany you so you don’t get lost … people like you make my life very, very difficult.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Are you?”


He bent down and whispered in my ear with that deliciously inky voice of his, “Show me.”

And he met my lips with his.

Oh, I was right about them, soft but phenomenally assured. He didn’t hold back. Holding my head hard, he opened my mouth with his and immediately his tongue danced within. He was pressing hard into me, his cock already stonkingly erect.

“You ever been fucked in the woods, Carrie?” he hissed into my ear after pulling his mouth away from mine, a new determination evident in his voice.

“No,” I replied, willing him back to my mouth, pushing against the fantastic hardness at his groin. My hands dropped to release his cock but he reached for my wrists and tugged them away.

“Not so fast. That’s not the way I operate. You’re on my territory now. Up here, I’m the master. We’re going to do this properly.”

He’d suddenly become incredibly vocal. I wasn’t complaining. His low, throbbing voice was stoking my desire as much as the stupendous bulge in his trousers and the tight stretch of his T-shirt. He was in his element, and doing elemental things.

After writing amateur erotica online for several years, Demelza Hart made the move into published erotica last year after being a winner in a competition with Xcite Books. Since then she hasn’t looked back, and over 2012 had several more stories published and accepted with new publishers, including House of Erotica and Total-E-Bound. 2013 promises to be a great year with releases due soon and some exciting news to reveal!

Her stories can be found in all the usual places but you can also friend Demelza on facebook -

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She looks forward to getting to know you!

Thanks so much to Demelza for popping over I loved her story in Smut Alfresco!

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