Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Release - Reigning In Sarah

Well I have been meaning to talk about this book for a while but now it's released I really really should talk about it! 

I'm pleased to announce that my newest ebook Reigning in Sarah is now available. This story was something I'd been working on for a while but it's only recently that I got it finished in a way I was happy with. 

Reigning in Sarah focuses on Pony-play as well as other aspects of BDSM (there's a few flogging scenes in the story). It is very much a christmas story with the main character Sarah taking up antlers and becoming a reindeer ('s really reindeer play rather than pony play!). 

I am waiting on a decent image of the cover and this will be put up once I have got it but in the meantime here is the links you can get it from:

Amazon (UK):
Amazon (USA):
All Romance Ebooks:

And a teasing little excerpt from the story:

The flogger he was using he knew would sting biting into her skin, if he used it in a slightly different way it would caress her. He heard her take an intake of breath as the flogger bit home in exactly the right place. He smiled to himself as red lines appeared bringing further colour to her ass. Moving he brought it back down on another spot copying the motion until she relaxed against the restraints.
She began to whimper as he continued to flog her keeping up a regular pattern aware he was being watched by the room through people had begun to drift away to their own devices.
He watched as she tilted her head back straining against the cuffs her body shaking. Sheen of sweat covered her body glistening in the light of the thousands of shimmering lights from the Christmas tree. She had never looked lovelier David decided.
He brought the flogger down on her once more watching as a shiver ran through her body. Her body tensed and she cried out pulling on the cuffs.
David brought the flogger down once more letting it trail over her skin soothingly as she cried out. Her voice cut through the noise of the room the music low but still audible.
“I love you.” 

Hope you all enjoy!

As promised here is the lovely front cover!

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