Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sinful Saturdays - Bel Anderson

Well this week I have been rushed off my feet with work (although unfortunately not the writing variety) so this is going up a little later on the Saturday then I would have liked however here is the first of what I hope will be many guest blogs on my new Sinful Saturday.

I would like to introduce Bel Anderson with whom I share a space in Smut Alfresco, and welcome her to my blog:

I was squeaky-voiced with excitement when my story for Smut Alfresco was accepted – mainly because I knew I’d be in such great company!

My story, ‘A Walk in the Country’ was – blush – inspired by a walk I took in the country with my first ever lover. Like all writers, I’ve taken fact and embroidered it a bit (a lot!), but Sky is pretty much based on the guy in question. I have to admit that we didn’t get up to anything like as much as the couple in the story, but that day has stayed with me. It was my first experience of making love outdoors although at the time I was far too concerned with worrying about whether anyone was coming (sadly, it wasn’t me that time!) to really enjoy it. The girl in the story has a MUCH better time!
I like to inject a little humour here and there – I can’t help it. I know there’s an argument that says it spoils the sexual charge of the story, but I like to write about two human beings connecting, and in highly charged situations I find we very often revert to humour, however poor!
Here’s a little taster. Being very English, I felt that no picnic is complete without cucumber…

           “A bloody bra?” he asked in mock disgust, hoiking it up over my breasts. He bent his head and licked the wine from my skin with long strokes. As he did so, his soft hair brushed my nipples which immediately leaped to attention and hardened into dark nubs. I felt a new gush of excitement slide between my thighs as he took more wine into his mouth and fastened his lips around my right nipple, his fingers seeking the left and rolling it expertly between them. A little moan of desire escaped me and he chuckled, releasing the wine he’d been swirling around my nipple to let it run down my naked midriff.
              “Oh dear.” His hands gripped my waist and he hoisted me into a kneeling position, then bent to run his tongue flickeringly and tantalisingly down to my navel. As he pressed the tip of his tongue hard inside it, a shock of desire so strong it hurt shot directly to my clit, almost doubling me over.
              “Baby.” He kissed his way back up to my mouth and covered each breast with a warm hand. “How about something different?”
As I waited, heart and pussy pounding, he reached into the backpack and produced about three quarters of a cucumber, the end trimmed and smoothed.
              “Shit,” I said.
              “No, cucumber,” he corrected me, neatly tugging down my bra and t-shirt. “Open your legs.”

Thanks so much for having me here, Nicole!

Bel has previously been published in anthologies by Xcite books and is currently working on a collection of erotic short stories.
You can find her blog here:  and her work here:

Thank you very much to Bel for coming by and I hope you all check out her great story in Smut Alfresco!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me, Nicole! I've been really enjoying reading my way through Smut Alfresco :-)

C.C. said...

Oh the story sounds fun. :)

Nicole Gestalt said...

Thank you Bel for writing the story in the first place and guest blogging for me!

Once I get some free time I am very much looking forward to sitting down and reading the whole book cover to cover.

And thanks CC for dropping by!