Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Workspace Wednesday - Bel Anderson

Well as regular readers to this blog will notice I've had a little bit of a spring clean (I'm striving for it to be spring even if its still snowing as I write this!) and moved some things around as well as changed the overall design. No promises that it will stay like this but I'm going to live with it for a while and see if I'm happy with it. 

Since we are now in 2013 and I'm always up to try new things I thought I would introduce my newest addition to the blog Workspace Wednesdays. Every Wednesday I will be featuring a guest and their workspace. For the very first post I would like to introduce Bel Anderson and her workspace - with a little description of it by her.

My workspace may look a bit of a state, but I'm happy here amongst my clutter. You may be able to see that under the table is a plastic toy-box (belonging to my great-nephew) which is ideal to rest my feet on and, better still, I have the radiator right behind me!  I love to be surrounded by pretty things (not to be confused with actual mess) and have my special mug from the Canterbury Pottery - only used when writing - my wind-chimes, pottery animals made by my mum on the windowsill and the whole dining table for my notes and writerly clutter. I shut the door to the living room and am nicely cocooned in here until someone comes through for a drink or a snack, but I'm pretty good at picking my thread up again! I like to do my writing straight onto Word, so the laptop is essential to me, as is the table!
I very occasionally worry that someone could see what I'm writing if they peered through the window, but there's a prickly bush there so I'm fairly safe. Anyway, if they were shocked, it would serve them right for peeping!
Thanks to Bel for joining me and showing off her workspace, I have to say all the sticky notes on the poster look a little too organised for me (although it is possible I really should do that) - but I am in love with the lizard artwork on the wall. 

Bel Anderson is one of my fellow writers who has a story in the new anthology Smut Alfresco (available here: with her story A Walk in the Country.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for having me, Nicole! It looks sooooo messy - I'm ashamed! Somehow it never looks that bad in real life!

Nicole Gestalt said...

Don't worry! Mine is far far worse, thanks for sharing it and being my first Workspace Wednesday!

Vikki ( said...

I'm glad I'm not the only "dining room table" writer ;)


Nicole Gestalt said...

You definitely aren't Vikki! And if you want to take part in Workplace Wednesday do let me know.

Kay said...

My house is far worse! Great blog hun x

Anonymous said...

Phew! Glad I'm not the messiest!