Friday, January 11, 2013

New Release - Wandering Lust

I am happy to announce my latest release Wandering Lust. It's the first anthology in which I have written all the stories and so I am very excited about this release!

It is a culmination of many years of stories that I have written inspired by many different things. The only link between all the stories is that they are all f/f something that is very dear to my heart. There are seven stories altogether each story in a slightly different setting. It is also my second ebook to be release by House of Erotica.

It's presently available to buy here:

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And here's the gorgeous cover!

Blurb: An anthology of stories of women finding moments of pleasure on holiday and at work. These lust filled ladies find themselves in many situations and experience many pleasures previously unknown. The stories will take you away to sand filled beaches, corporate jet planes, jazz clubs, fast moving trains, hotel swimming pools, an artist studio and even some lust filled hot city nights.


 This excerpt is from the first story in the book called Hot City Nights set in the city it tells the tale of Alexia and what happens on one long sticky night.

Hot City Nights

The air was hot and sticky. Alexia lay on top of the covers, wishing for a slight breeze. The window was open but it gave no relief.
She breathed heavily; she felt oppressed by the heat. This was ridiculous, she thought. She had always been told it was hot in the cities, but what people hadn’t told her was that it was a totally different type of heat to the one she was used to. She longed for the dry heat of home; at least that was something you could get used to. This sticky, clammy heat however made her feel as if she was pushing through warm syrup whenever she moved. There was no relief from it, unless you happened to have a working air conditioner, which presently Alexia didn’t. For the briefest of moments when she had first walked through the door of Danielle’s apartment it had worked, then with a grunt and a hint of smoke it gave up. She didn’t blame Danielle; she couldn’t have predicted that it would happen, but it was very annoying that it wasn’t going to get fixed until midweek which right now felt as if it was weeks away. 
She breathed in heavily again, imagining that she was on holiday in a wonderfully cold place. Somewhere with snow, she decided. Concentrating hard on the image she felt the cooling snow on her skin. She was lying on top of a huge snowdrift, making a snow angel. 
It began to snow. Big flakes spiralled down towards her, some landing in her hair, others all over her body. One landed on her left nipple. She stared at the beauty of it, studying its intricate design, and was saddened when it slowly melted. A small rivulet of cold water ran down her nipple. Alexia watched the water as it ran over her breast, noticing how it made her skin glisten just like it was coated in oil or perhaps sweat…then all of a sudden the cold was replaced by heat.

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