Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter Holidays!

Well in a blink of an eye the winter holidays seem to be upon us. I'm sure last time I looked at a calendar it said January 2012 but oh well!

I thought I would use this time to update everyone and do an overview of the year. I don't get that many days off for the Christmas holidays so the two days that I do get off are very special to me and my other half. So for those days I likely won't be writing for the first time in a while but we shall see!

This year has been a bit of a roller-coaster. For the first half of the year I was finishing my re-training which having had various connversations once I had completed I decided to not take it further. Instead focusing my time on my writing whilst also working in retail to bring in a little money.

So! From July I have offically been focusing on my writing. This time has allowed me to focus on bigger projects and so in recent months I've been working on larger stories and hope to have some good news about that early next year!

Things haven't been quiet however on the publishing front I've had a couple of short stories in various places and also an ebook out with a brand new publisher a short upstairs/downstairs story called Made to Mistress, there is an anthology in the works and is just sat with them now waiting for a cover and so news of that will also be up soon! *fingers crossed!*

I'm excited to find out what the new year will bring and will be putting up a lot more posts with some regular slots so watch this space and all have a great winter holiday!

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