Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A day at home!

So after a week and a half I finally have a day at home which means I can actually update this, and of course get some writing done! 

I've got a number of works in progress and so I have a selection that I can get on with although for the moment I think I'm going to focus on a short piece of writing I've started for a anthology based around sex outdoors. It's being written in a way I don't often write but the way it's coming together I'm enjoying what's been going on so far.

My other piece work is a longer story based on a fantasy world linked to ours. This started out as a short story but at already 9000 words hasn't even scratched the surface of where I want to go with it so I think it will likely end up as a novella instead or maybe even longer we'll see!

However I'm also working on stories that aren't erotica, including a book with a Mongolian based history. I love Mongolia and really want to spend time there sometime in the future until then I have only research and make believe to use when working on the story. It's not set in Mongolia but it is inspired by it.

Now with my one day at home moving on I should go and make the most of it so if you'll all excuse me!

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