Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reworking old work

I've had an editor contact me with regards to a new exciting piece of writing. It's an extension of something that I wrote now a very long time ago (I worked out this morning I've been published for over five years - it really doesn't seem that long!) but which I'm excited to get back into.

As with all submission calls I start by looking through work I have already written or partly written that I have never done anything with. I look to see how the story might fit the call and how I can change it to do so. A lot of the time if I've abandoned the story it's not because it's bad but it's because it hasn't fitted what I was writing at the time and the style I was trying to hit. So the story will be dusted off and reworked, sometimes I strip it down completely leaving only the general plot and characters whilst other times I leave it pretty much as it is and just add some more flesh. 

For this submission call I'm reworking a story and completely shifting the PoV I have used and to my surprise the story seems to be a lot stronger, as if it should have been written in the new PoV in the first place.  So we shall see how it goes but for the moment I'm rather excited to watch it unfold in front of me.

I'll give an update soon!

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