Monday, March 1, 2010

Monthly Roundup - February

And here we are at the end of February. It's been a busy month in terms of various projects and next month looks like its going to be even busier.

Touch of Silver has now been fully edited and finally has been sent back in to Phaze, my publisher. I'm half way through typing up a story which I will then expand and polish up - I need to expand it but I'm yet to decide which ending I'm going to go with. When I first wrote it I created multiple ways that the ending could go and I'm planning on getting all these typed up and then decide once I can see them next to one another.

I've got lots of pieces that are awaiting editing and in March I plan to attempt to get a good number of them done and sent out.

I didn't submit anything this month since my focus was on Touch of Silver but I still have nine pieces out some of which I'm chasing up with the various publishers. Patience is the key thing when it comes to submitting work and it's something you learn very quickly as a writer (hopefully).

All in all February was a productive month but I hope March will be more so.


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