Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Day

I have at the moment the luck of being able to write pretty much all the time which is great for getting those words out and the many pieces I'm working on. However I thought I'd offer you all a glimpse of what I do each day.

This is an average day for me and now has been for a while due to various reasons including my health.

Once I wake up the very first thing I do before anything else is say hello to my partner, though he may not be awake at the time (isn't instant messenger wonderful?). That done I sort out my emails from the day before, or at least the ones I didn't manage to get to that day, I usually have about one hundred a day so they can take a few sittings to get through.

A dog gets walked then, before back to the computer where if luck is on my side my partner is wide awake and able to talk before he has to leave for the day. When we do chat its wonderful though it isn't something that happens every day due to one reason or another. Once he's off I have about an hour to fit in some writing and check up what the last thing I wrote the day before was before going to running around with another dog (a puppy this time who is the cutest little bundle of fur but totally uncoordinated).

That done I finally get some food, before settling down to more emails, writing and depending on what else I have on a lot of reading. I might also go through some edits of a piece of work or type up a new one depending on how I'm feeling and how the writing is going.

All this continues until like today another dog gets walked around tea time (roughly four in the afternoon). Then its back to writing and general work till 8 when my partner gets back.

I continue to write until about 2 in the morning but more on and off then during the day due to spending as much time as I can with my partner and food and anything else I need to get done, oh and occasionally (less occasionally then perhaps I'd like but I get very addicted to it quickly) we go into an online RPG which takes up a nice chunk of time but is something I can do whilst writing.

Then finally between 2 in the morning and 4 it's time for bed, ready to start it all again at 9am a few hours later.

And now I've filled in this's time for some more writing.

Have fun!

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