Friday, September 12, 2008

It's been a while

And I really need my wrists slapped for not updating more. All I can say is I'm sorry!

Recently I've been spending a lot of time running around an on-line game called Neverwinter Nights. For those of you who write sword and sorcery fantasy this place is just great for ideas! It's also very very time consuming but I've been writing along side it so things aren't too bad and don't worry more works are on the way.

Next week sees the release of Rekindling the Spark. I'm quite excited about this story, mainly because I'm interested to see how it will be received. When I wrote it I had a plan in mind although little of that has been seen in this story, it will come out more in the next ones once I've written them. This is a love story but it has a few aspects that one might not expect. However I will say no more and just let you all read it and find out.

To celebrate the release of the ebook I will be chatting in Realms of Love on Monday (15th - release day) at 9pm EST (2 - 3 am GMT)

I'll post up more about the story on Monday when it's released.

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