Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My recent writing

The other day I decided I would get organised with my writing and make a list of everything that I've presently got on the go and that need things done with them. I got a little depressed when I realised that it filled one side of A5 (letter writing paper size for everyone that doesn't have A5 as a measurement), especially when I was actually still adding things that I had totally forgotten about but that dearly need some work. However every cloud as they say has a silver lining (- or something like that!), the silver lining in this case is the feeling of accomplishment I feel when I actually cross something of the list.

I've got a few pieces now waiting to go out once they've been edited and read through a number of times, then I have some pieces that I need to concentrate on. Some are almost finished and only need a couple of scenes tweaking here and there whilst others like the piece I'm working on now is only 200 words in.

Since making the list I think I'm more aware of what I have to work on and I can see what still is a long way away from being submitted.

Must dash know I'm going out to teach a class!


Telly: Nothing presently
Music: Fish
Choc/Yummy: None at the moment
Mood: Happy but slightly depressed
Main Writing: 311
Flash Writing: None so far
Reading: Too many things - but you know what I'm enjoying it!

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