Thursday, April 10, 2008

20th rejection!

This morning (well a couple of hours ago now since it's presently 3 in the morning) I received my 20th rejection on submissions this year. I feel like a should celebrate this number for some reason so I'm writing this post.

One of the biggest things as a writer you have to face is rejection. Rejection from your peers/reading group that your story doesn't fit together correctly, rejection from yourself when you think a story isn't going well and then of course rejection from the publishers. Then on top of all of those once you have written, double checked plot, submitted and had accepted a piece there is the rejection of the readers and reviewers. It can be a very stressful time for all.

I have always looked upon rejection in a positive way. For a start getting a rejection from a publisher means I am submitting things. Each rejection gives me the chance to dust of the piece work on it some more and send it back out again. Yes of course I love being accepted and having a published look at your work and put their trust in your ability to tell a story is the most amazing feeling, but perhaps without the fear of rejection it wouldn't feel so good.

My 20th rejection was one I was 'looking' forward to getting in a strange way and now it's come I will be looking forward to the next one. Not all rejections are nice and some sting much more then others however as it happens this one was very constructive and I want to thank the people out there who took the time to go through it all.

So please join me in a celebration of rejection!
Here's to many more

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ArtyEm said...

rejection is a HUGE part of the artistic process - it is a long hard journey, and along the way we learn to trust our own voice.
best of luck to you!