Saturday, March 1, 2008

Seventy Days of Sweat Part 3

Today marks the start of the third round of Sven's Seventy Days. I will be hopefully writing as much as I can each day - I would say 1000 words which is what I aim for normally but I plan to write more that that if I can.

I've got some 'deadlines' appearing on the horizon so I would like to have as much written as soon as possible so that they are not all stacking up. This will not only please me and give me more tweaking time (although that isn't always a good thing) but my 'editor' as well since he goes through the work at least once before submitting.

As well as working on my main pieces, I'm also going to be attempting to write a piece of flash (work less than 1000 words) a day as part of FAD, an event set up on one of the writing forums I visit. The idea behind this is so that by the end of the month I'll have 30 pieces of flash that I can submit to places. I'm hoping that I will get a good number of decent pieces out of it but I'm prepared for lots of pieces that need work doing to them.

Right now I need to go and get on with some writing.
Telly: None although watching Brother 3 playing on the XBOX
Choc/Yummy: Yummy chocolate and crisps
Mood: Happy, but tired
Main Writing: Nothing so far
Flash Writing: Half a piece done
Reading: Once a Rebel by Angela Ashton

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