Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's February?!?

January ended for me rather quietly in fact I didn't even realise we had slipped into February until someone told me. The weather here has been fun it was snowing all day yesterday but it's all gone again now, for once I'd just love it to stay around it's just great inspiration.

The writing is going well, I've got some good news which I'll let you all into soon. I've been working on some pieces but currently it's a bit of stop and change everytime something else appears. It's not a great way to write but at the moment it's working for me so I'm not going to complain too much! I'm presently working on three pieces on and off, one is mearly ideas currently but the other two are moving along quite nicely. They are only short pieces and I doubt will be any longer than 10k (although the last time I said that the piece I was working on just wouldnt end and is now currently 17k).

Anyway off to start writing for the day!


Telly: None
Choc/Yummy: Nothing at the moment
Mood: Happy
Writing: Nothing today so far
Reading: Once a Rebel by Angela Ashton

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