Monday, January 28, 2008


Sometimes the words just wont come. not because of writer's block but just because they are happy to stay within your mind organising themselves until they want to be ready. Yesterday I didn't write as much as I wanted to in the end because the words just decided to go away for a little while. It might have been because I was trying too hard, or because I was tired and am still a little ill I don't know. Either way I decided to call it quits and went away from the computer.

Today I had a few errands to do so didn't start writing till late but now the words are flowing better, and I can't understand why I was having the problem I was yesterday. I really must learn that sometimes rest and not doing anything is a good thing! In fact the rest must have been a good thing because I was woken up early with a full plot line just racing through my head not wanting to let go.


Telly: None
Choc/Yummy: Nothing at the moment
Mood: Slightly happier
Writing: Just under 1k - now only just over 1k to go!
Reading: Once a Rebel by Angela Ashton

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