Sunday, January 27, 2008

Updates and Chats

Well the past week has been a busy one for me as far as author chats are concerned. I feel like I've been running all around the Internet. I've 'crossed' so many time zones I'm presently just totally exhausted. However the writing hasn't dropped because of this I'm glad to say.

Yesterday I finished a short first person POV piece which I will be editing once I have my cup of tea in front of me. The pieces was from the woman's perspective and I think it works quite well although I'm sure to find some cringe worthy things in the read through!

I've hand written another piece that I will be editing at the beginning of February. I'm not going to go through it straight away because I've got some other pieces that need my attention first.

Cold Fire has been sent to the editors so I'm expecting edits to appear in my inbox at some point although I'm unsure how long they will take. To prepare for this I'm trying to get as much work done before they turn up as I can so I've been writing away every moment I have.

I've also plotted out a BDSM fantasy piece that I think could work quite well as a series. Once today's work is out of the way I will be getting on with it! I always love being excited about the next project, it's what really keeps me concentrated on the present one.

In book news Coming Together: Under Fire is now available from Amazon, both in the UK and USA. The links follow:

Amazon USA:

My story Melting Point is only short but focuses on waxplay. I'll post a blurb and excerpt up for it a little later.

I've borrowed the following format from Portia Da Costa
Telly: None
Choc/Yummy: Nothing at the moment
Mood: So sleepy!
Writing: Just outlines of BDSM piece
Reading: Once a Rebel by Angela Ashton

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