Monday, September 24, 2007

Time off

Since the 70 Days have ended I've taken some time off from writing, a mini holiday of sorts. The thing about not writing however is that I'm now suddenly surrounded in plots. I plan to get back to writing by the end of the week if not sooner and then they will be able to get out of my head! I've now got a small notepad that I rescued slowly filling up with little sentences, opening lines, bullet points of idea. They will be tackled one by on, or which ever stands out as the most interesting at the time.

For my 'holiday' we went and house sat for one of the family members and spent time watching programs we can't normally get. One of them was dedicated to Roald Dahl who I hadn't heard of before (due to the amnesia, it discussed his writing technique when it came to children's writing and I found it interesting to see how the rules he used would still stand for the adult writing. Listening to his works and watching the cartoon version of The BFG I almost feel inspired to have a go at writing children's stories. Not that I am assuming that writing for children is easy I have the up most respect for children's authors and am in awe with how much people can say with so few words. I think it will be a goal for the future - something to work towards.


Ciara Gold said...

wonderful goal. I always thought it would be fun to both write a children's book and illustrate it. Maurice Sendak comes to mind. Later, though. Much, much later.

Heidi said...

I had to look up Maurice Sendak but as soon as I saw his artwork I remembered him. It would be great to both illustrate and write the book but I wonder how often it actually happens that way.