Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Inspiration can come from the strangest of sources. It can also hit at the oddest times. For a while now I have gotten into the habit of sleeping with a notepad/computer next to me in case I wake up with an idea. Although I also find myself once awake not able to do anything until I've plotted that idea out and even written the first few pages.

It happened to me the other night, although i hadn't gone to sleep when the inspiration hit. Since I have a lot of American readers I attend a lot of online chats that take place at 9pm EST (2 in the morning for the UK). What usually happens is that I will stay up until after the chat then flop onto the bed exhausted. However this time it was different, this time at the end of the chat as I was just about to go to bed I had an idea for a story. It's a story I've been trying to write for a while but I wasn't sure of the details, in an instant flash they appeared and wouldn't let me rest until they were all down. Now I've got a large page filled with writing and the workings of a story I'm extremely excited about. I also have large bags under my eyes from not getting any sleep but I have a plot and that always makes up for it.


Ciara Gold said...

Too funny. I do the same thing. I'll lay down to sleep and suddenly an idea will hit me. I get up, grab the spiral and quickly jot it down. Gotta luv when that happens.

Heidi said...

I love it but I also hate it when I just have to get up and write, but still it's better then not remembering it in the morning. I find actually when I'm writing quite intensely I spend most of the night awake with ideas. You're right though you do have to love it when it happens.