Monday, July 16, 2007

Seventy Days of Sweat

Sven Says Sweat

Writing can be a lonely business, and sometimes it's hard to keep at it day after day without a little encouragement. So when I found a link to the Seventy Days of Sweat I thought I didn't have anything to lose from signing up. Now I find myself looking forward to writing each day and seeing how other people are doing with the challenge.

The idea is that each person writes a few pages each day (preferably 4-6) and so then by the end of the whole thing (September 20th) everyone should have a large amount of writing done.

I pledged to write 10 thousand words but I'm already on almost 4 thousand so I have no idea what sort of word count I will be on by the end.

I wish good luck to all who are taking part and hope everyone has a successful writing time!

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