Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Story twists and turns

Sometimes when I'm writing I find the story gets a life of its own, and the ending is very often a surprise to me. The way I write means that although I start of with an idea and a general direction when I'm writing I will just let the words flow and let the story carry me. Its been a busy few weeks, the first person story I decided although was fun to write didn't match the direction I was wanting to take the story so I re-wrote the whole thing in third person, I sent it off today and I must say I'm much happier with it now then I was when it was in first person. I do still want to do some work in first person but I get the feeling its going to be a very special kind of story that keeps me in that tense.

I solved my eye issues by using a different monitor, so they are all better now although I do still have to be careful when watching TV etc, still that means that I can spend more time reading which I should be doing a lot more of, once this months over with. I've got two more stories to get finished and then I can concentrate on the future stories that include some fantasy and sci-fi elements.

I also have an idea for a scene involving a doctor, her patient and the patients husband but I've got to find the right place to put that in!

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