Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Blog Post New Year

New Blog Post – New Year

Well as most of you will have noticed there was a distinct lack of blogging last year in the later part of it. This was for a multitude of reasons but there will be the missing blogs put up shortly.

A lot has happened since last year and it's only the first few days of 2017! Needless to say this big news was that All Romance Ebooks has now closed. Since they were one of the big sellers of romance/erotica ebooks a lot of the books on this blog have links to them. This is slowly being changed and if you find any link that doesn't work rest assured it will be changed shortly/

Majority of the books can be found here:

Amazon (USA):

Or Here

Amazon (UK):

There are a few books that aren't going to end up with links straight away as they become relocated but once they have been settled into their new home the links will be put back up.

And now! 2017 – well I normally start with guidelines for the new year but I was reading the fabulous Rachel Kramer Bussell page and how she has this year instead picked words. Just two simple ones to guide her life by this year and I really like that idea. So without further ado my two words are....

Well I'll let you know when I actually think of them, it's a lot harder to do then I first thought. There are a lot of things I want to do this year but to distill them down into two words is quite hard – you have a go and let me know yours!

Now as for 2016

Well that was a busy year for many reasons. The highlight of course is always the release of books.

2016 saw the following being published:

Valves & Vixens 3

Valves & Vixens Volume 3

A Dose of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem

A Dose of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem

As for 2017 what then?

Definitely more writing is involved I want to create more small pieces of work, maybe even some bigger ones. 

And now with so many websites closing down I'm looking at other ways to push the books already out there after all they all need some love!

So let's see where it all goes and what is in store.

Welcome to 2017 everyone

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