Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Voyeristic Tendancies

As a writer I also read a lot and quite often I find myself on fellow authors blogs. The most recent blog I've been reading belongs to Cara Bristol. She took a week in her writing life and wrote about it in her blog. It may be slightly voyeuristic but writing can be such a singular act that seeing how other people do it is always refreshing and interesting.

Amongst other things Cara has a busy social life and still attempts to write 1,500 words a day a word count even she realises isn't always plausible. Still goals are always a great thing and that's the aim even if it isn't the reality.

So what did I get from these blogs apart from a voyeuristic insight into another writers world? Well importantly the realisation I really need to get back into having a writing schedule. A few years ago I had one that worked quite well but then my hours in my other job changed and the schedule went sideways.

Reading Cara's blog has made me want to change that so this train of consciousness is my attempt to create a schedule all be it one that's more a work in progress.

Sunday: On this day I'm in my other job pretty much the full day. However on this day I'm going to be getting the blogs done for that job. It's also the day I get my majority of testing done for that job too – so words will be put down and that totally counts right?

Monday: This day I'm at home. Although I can't focus totally on writing I plan to use this day to work on the blogs and actually learn how to schedule blogs so that I don't need to worry about being able to get internet access to actually post the blogs. This is a bigger issue then you would expect, I don't live in the back end of nowhere but I don't have the most reliable internet so these things need to be thought about!

If Monday happens to be a good day then I would like to get at least 500 words done. Yes it's not much but it is better then the current word count which is normally 0. After all some words are far better than none!

Tuesday: Hopefully I should get 1000 words done although I'm in the other job for a large portion of the day.

Wednesday: The day to get all the washing done and all the wonderful other jobs the rest of the week won't allow me to complete. However this is also the day I plan to get 1000 at least done, hopefully more.

Thursday: No writing today, or even blogs but hopefully with the scheduling working (fingers crossed – this is yet to be played with) a blog should go up.

Friday: The one day me and Mr. G get to have off together! Phew not that we have busy lives or anything. Due to this I'm going to aim to hit 500 words.

Saturday: Another day in the office and not the writing one however this day I should be able to get at least 250 words done.

Overall if I hit these targets I should get 3250 words completed in the week. This may not sound a lot but as I've said some words are better then none! If I work on the same piece each week I should be able to hit my submission goals.

I'm not sure how realistic these word counts are going to be but at least it's a goal! I've also got to fit in getting fitter, editing, submission call reading, eating healthier looking after the family and lots more but it's a start.

Let's see how this goes....

If you are interested in reading the blog that's set all of this off you can find it here: http://carabristol.com/2015/03/a-week-in-the-crazy-life-of-an-author-part-1/

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