Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cosmic Encounters Released

Well it's been a long time coming and this blog post apparently has been even longer but Cosmic Encounters it now finally out!

So if you like erotica and science fiction why not pick up a copy? It is available in ebook format and will soon be available in print.

I have always loved science fiction, writers like Asimov never stop to amaze and excite me and that for me is what reading should be. You should finish a story with a sense of excitement and interest in the world you have just joined. If this holds for other genres as well as it does for Science fiction I'm yet to really decide although I think all stories should have an element of excitement, at the end of it you want to know you've read something and feel it!

I was really happy to receive so many great stories for Cosmic Encounters and had great fun reading through the submissions before settling upon the stories that you will find inside.

There is once more a full spectrum of pairings, sexuality and in since it's a science fiction anthology technology and species.

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting up short excerpts of the stories and all being well pieces of inspiration in the authors own words. However in the meantime here is the table of contents and of course the awesome cover (Personally I love it so I'm going to shout out about it as much as possible!)

Vanessa de Sade - The Story of Snow White
Kim Knox - Rogue Authority
Crysta K Coburn - Heaven Ain't Close
Dennis Newman - Atari's Quest
Nicolette deSada - Catching the Virus

Cosmic Encounters has been published with House of Erotica and you can pick up a copy from the following places:

I hope you all enjoy and here's science and the future!

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