Saturday, April 12, 2014


Well for regulars of this blog you couldn't help but notice (I hope!) that I've had a bit of a spring clean and redone the blog. I'm hoping that now it's far easier to see everything and yet at the same time clear and easy to read (fingers crossed).

This redesign has been done whilst my internet connection has been so bad I can't actually log into anything else - that includes emails. If I owe anyone an email please don't worry you've not missed it and it will be on its way shortly.

In other news I'm working my way through Valves & Vixens and it'll hopefully be done relatively soon! I'm very excited about this anthology and I've got some awesome authors involved - table of contents will be coming shortly!


As you may have also seen my submission guidelines for my erotic science fiction anthology, Cosmic Encounters, is now up (and even has it's own page after my redesign). Pop on over and have a look - even if you've never written science fiction before it might be a good time to give it a go!

The deadline for submissions is June 30th so get writing!

As for me I'm currently working on a few stories that I've been wanting to work on for a while. I'm playing around with a short sexy piece set in the sun and of course I'm still working on all the other anthology calls that are out there!

I've also been working on a few ideas for a few standalone stories more information on those when I get into them.

Till then keep reading & writing and let me know what you think of the new blog design!

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