Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wandering Lust Cover Change

Well my first all female anthology Wandering Lust has now been out for a year (where has the time gone?!). To celebrate this House of Erotica have decided that it deserved a cover change.

To remind everyone this is what the original cover looked like:

And this is what the cover is changing to:

It has already changed on All Romance Ebooks and Amazon will be changing to it soon. It's a much more luxuriant feel although I still love the old cover! 

Don't forget you can buy Wandering Lust here:
Amazon UK:
Amazon USA:
All Romance Ebook:

Blurb: A collection of sexy Sapphic shorts about women capturing moments of pleasure both on holiday and at work.

These lust filled ladies find themselves in many situations and experience many pleasures previously unknown. The stories will take you away to sand filled beaches, corporate jet planes, jazz clubs, fast moving trains, hotel swimming pools, an artist studio and even some lust filled hot city nights.

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