Saturday, January 11, 2014

Coming Together: Through the Storm Table of Contents

Coming Together: Through the Storm is the anthology I have edited for the Coming Together Series. This book will be out soon but in the meantime here is the table of contents!

"Captive Briseis" (Sheridan Blythe)
"And Lily Makes Three" (Leigh Ellwood)
"Take Me Like a Hurricane" (Naomi Bellina)
"Mud is Good and Wetter is Better" (Louise Nimble)
"Storm Surge" (Teresa Noelle Roberts)
"Sinkhole" (Annabeth Leong)
"Twister" (Lisabet Sarai)
"Storm Across the Prairie" (Spencer Dryden)
"Heat of the Night" (Brantwijn Serrah)
"Inside the Eye" (Skilja Peregrinarius)
"Country Pleasures" (Teresa Noelle Roberts)
"Duet" (Lady Grey)
"Thunder" (Karenna Colcroft)

I've been so honoured to work with some amazing authors and thank you everyone for submitting. 

Once the book is out I will be posting up where you can buy it and don't forget all the money from the proceeds of this book goes to Mercy Corps to help the relief effort in the Philippines. 

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