Friday, December 6, 2013

The House of Erotica Winter Warmers Collection - Explanation

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Well this should mark the first of many posts on my blog about the Winter Warmers Collection but today I'm going to focus on my story in the collection A Meeting of Seasons


When the submission call came through I was watching a nature programme and it had one of those time stop scenes. Watching it the world changed slowly over about five minutes but in that time the viewer was taken from Summer through to Autumn and all the way into Winter. Being a writer this sent off sparks of inspiration and I started to ponder about what would happen if the seasons were real people. This resulted in Autumn and Winter both becoming real entities that could interact with one another. Of course Spring and Summer also exist but maybe they should be kept ready for another story.

A Meeting of Seasons blurb:

At the end of her season Autumn makes her way to the forest where she will meet Winter for the first time in a year. A meeting that will bring them together even just for a fleeting moment.

A Meeting of Seasons exerpt:

In this short excerpt Autumn is about to meet Winter again for the first time in a year. 

Looking around she watched as a layer of frost began to spread across the forest. Leaves curled as ice
crystals formed over them hiding their colour beneath a layer of white. A low mist began to creep through the forest and she fought hard to hold her ground and not shrink away from it though she felt
fear begin to make its way up her spine.

The mist reached her winding around her ankles tickling her legs as it wound up. She took a deep breath but the air was cold and it took her breath away. Biting her lip she stayed still as the mist
continued its journey up her body exploring her and sending her senses into overload as it cooled her with the faintest breath.

The Winter Warmers Collection is available both as an ebook and in print and you can find it here:

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