Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly Round Up

Well this is the second week in a row I'm actually doing a round-up but I'm not yet ready to call this a thing yet! 

This week has been very much of a blur of things. On Tuesday I sat down with my writing head on and actually managed to write over 5000 words during the day which is the best writing day I've had for a long time. I even managed to finish a submission and get well into half way of my pirate story, which is awesome because I'm really having far more fun writing it then I was expecting to. 

So the week has ended up with me submitting one story, finishing off one more and beginning Chapter 5 of a longer piece. Yet that isn't all! This week I was also asked to edit an anthology for Coming Together. They are a charity that creates erotic anthologies for different causes, if you look down the left hand side of this site you will see a few Coming Together titles (With a Twist, Alfresco, With Pride and Under Fire) all of these I have stories within. None of the contributors get any payment apart from a copy of the final pdf and the money of the sales go to the charity's picked. 

The anthology I'll be editing will be going to help Mercy Corps especially with the most recent natural disaster in the Phillipines. 

All submission guidelines can be found by clicking the picture on the left that says Coming Together: Through the Storm. This anthology will have a quick turn around due to the fact that the disaster has already happened and aid is needed now. It reminds me of Coming Together: Under Fire which contains my story Melting Point, the stories in that anthology were written in even less time and all proceeds of that anthology went and still go to helping victims of the California Wildfires. 

Finally the last bit of the news from this week is the latest House of Erotica collections is now out and available to buy. This one is called House of Erotica Winter Warmers Collections and contains my story A Meeting of Seasons which is a male/female fantasy story based around the seasons (as the name may suggest). We will be running a blog tour for this so if there are any authors/readers who would like to have us invade for a day or say please let us know and we'll send you all the information! Otherwise watch this space for information about it all. And whilst you are waiting here is the sexy front cover. 

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