Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well I'm happy to say that I've finished a story for the first time in a while! Of course I say finished what I mean is that I've finished writing it in its first draft - which for me is normally hand written. The story I've finished is a fun little upstairs/downstairs story that gets a little bit heated for all involved. My next mission is to get it all typed up then I'll let it sit for a while before editing it. 

In the meantime whilst that story is stewing I'm going to be adding the finishing touches to a vampire story that I've been working on for a while. It's been worked at and sent off to test readers and now with the feedback I have received it will be updated and expanded on in certain areas - then it will go all back out again!

I've also started a short hot BDSM f/f piece that I've already got a market for I just need to get focused and get those words down which at the end of the day is the whole point of writing!

And so I'm going to go back under and work on these words that I need to write and when I resurface I'll do more on the book of the month.

There will also be an important announcement on three stories of mine (if I have the go ahead to announce it that is) so watch this space!

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