Thursday, July 24, 2008

First Cold Fire Review

Once a book out authors all find themselves on tenterhooks waiting to see how the story will go down with the readers and reviewers.

I was sent the first review of Cold Fire the other day and it's just great.

Here is a copy of it but you can find the original here:

In Coldfire we meet Kevalan, the lonely bringer of ice and snow, who finds himself wanting more from this human, Alice. He saved her from her fate of being caught by a group of men. Bringing her to his palace, he realizes that he doesn't want her to leave, but to stay with him.

Upon awakening, Alice finds herself face to face with the 'eater of maidens' that she remembered hearing about when she was a child. She is scared, yet she believes that he is not the monster that the stories told of. Alice had only been with him for one day and she comes into her own with the 'icy' treats that he has in store for her. Will Alice go back to her home or will she stay with Kevalan?

Coldfire is a story about a different type of immortal. Nicole Gestalt has written a fabulous piece that will keep you warm and cozy under your covers, seeing that the bringer of ice and snow has a hotter side to him that nobody could have ever imagined. This story will keep you reading to the very end and you'll find magic and fire around every corner. This is a fabulous story and a must read! I will be looking forward to reading more by Nicole Gestalt.

Reviewed by Ruth Schaller
Posted July 23, 2008

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