Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All done!

So the final edits for Cold Fire went back and the story is now back with the publisher for proofreading and final jiggling of the file format etc... I'm very excited about Cold Fire, although I hated thinking about doing the edits actually doing them was a good thing for me. It meant I re-connected with the characters and it's sparked off lots of ideas for sequels.

It also meant that I had an excuse to work solely on one piece of writing. I'm so glad that the edits turned up when I was feeling slightly better because if they had turned up earlier there was going to be no way I would have been able to get them done so quickly.

Now they are all done I can focus on other projects once more. I really need to get focused on a good number of them but life at the moment isn't allowing me to just concentrate on them. Hopefully one day soon! (but don't worry I'm still writing, I'm presently working on some short 2k pieces for various submissions)

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