Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Writing Goals

To make sure I hit deadlines and submit to markets I would like to get to I have a wall-chart that has all the deadlines marked up on it.

I put the 2008 wall-chart up on the first of January and am now currently filling it up. I've got down to March and I have a very busy few months ahead of me. By the end of the year I want to have written much more then I had last year. If this is going to be the one thing I do full-time I need to get down to it and work hard. At present however every time I sit down to write I hear the remaining mince-pies calling me and the boxes of unopened chocolate begging to be opened.

Yesterday I sat down and worked out some plots for a few short pieces that I want to do so I'll be working on them from today.

When you are given a theme it is always fun to see where that one word will take you. It's always a good idea to brainstorm and go from there. I start this process by getting the definition of the word itself then I write down my first thoughts about the word, before letting my mind wander from that point on. Even if you only use one of the ideas you then have lots of other story ideas to go back to at a later date all of which may work in the right place.

My sudden fiction is going well, this year I've set myself the task to write a new piece and send it out every month. I'm currently on 4 for this year so I'm a little ahead of myself but that's so much better then being behind like I was last year.

Seventy Days of Sweat ends next Tuesday I've been doing ok with it although I've not signed in for a month or so due to various reasons but I have been keeping an eye on what I've been writing and how much. I have enjoyed doing this challenge as it has given me a reason to keep focused which is pretty invaluable. Hopefully they will be doing it again because the support from all the different writers has just been fantastic.

Right now I'm going to start work on a short piece as yet unnamed but with a BDSM taste.

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