Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back online

Well that isn't entirely true since I never really went off-line in the first place but I'm back up posting again. As it turned out the deadline that I was working toward actually disappeared so I was able to get a little respite from the story and work on another that I'd been wanting to write for a little while.

I've just submitted my first actual science fiction story, I'm very excited about it because I really like the story-line and it just felt good putting it together. Before my amnesia Science Fiction was the only genre I used to write in and although I'd done some introduction to Science Fiction pieces in the English class I went to I'd never completed a story in that genre till now. Actually I've finished two but I've only submitted one the other will be typed up and edited once I get a moment. For now however I'm working on a special story that needs to be in before the end of the week (the call only came through on the weekend so I was very glad I didn't have my other deadline looking) I can't say anything more about it but I will do when I'm able. I'm loving the story and the characters and part of me really wants them to become characters that pop up time after time we'll see.

Anyway back to the writing!


Ciara Gold said...

Best of luck getting it contracted. Sci-Fi stuff seems to be selling very well these days.

Heidi said...

Thanks Ciara!

It's only a short story but as I've said I just loved writing it so I'm not looking through places to see what open calls there are. I find that having some sort of guide to the writing helps me actually write the pieces, unlike erotica which just appears in my head lol