Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back writing

Well I ended my mini holiday a little earlier then planned because I couldn't wait to start writing again. I'm not quite up to speed still I'm working at roughly between 600 and 800 words per day which is so tiny compare to some but that will increase each day, especially as deadlines are looming once more.

I say looming because they do tend to hang on the horizon quite a lot and since I don't plan my stories it adds an extra edge to it all, however saying that it does give me inspiration and forces me to sit down and write. So I guess they are definitely more of a good thing, and I am really enthusiastic about these stories I just hope they come out the way I see them.

I was hoping to have something for the Times ghost story competition but in the end just couldn't get anything I really liked down on paper. Perhaps next year!

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