Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer of Fire is now available from Phaze

Well the day finally arrived and Summer of Fire is now available. I
will be posting up tomorrow information regarding an
exciting competition but for
now here is an excerpt (PG rated) and the url for you to buy the book
(it costs $2)

Available at:

Summer of Fire by Nicole Gestalt

July, 2007
ISBN 1-59426-477-5

The Summer of Fire, as the media calls it, brings steamy weather and
the threat of an arsonist. Officer Helen is charged with ending the
madness, yet her passion for a widowed firefighter continues to flame.

Length: HeatSheet
Rating: 2 Novas


"Let me guess, another arson?" Helen looked at the building still
burning furiously in front of her. Sweat threatened to drip down from
her hat line. Her shirt was already drenched, and she was thankful her
uniform covered it up somewhat. However, the heat Helen was feeling
wasn't just from the fire, it was also due to the large, muscular
fireman standing in front of her.

"…has the traits of it, but it's too early to tell." His voice washed
over her, and she felt like she was falling into a warm bath of melted
chocolate. Aware he was saying something else she smiled up at him and
tried to concentrate on the words rather than his body. It didn't take
her long to realise she wasn't going to be able to concentrate at all,
even with him in his full fire-fighting gear his muscles bulged,
filling out his uniform.

An explosion ripped through the building and Helen suddenly found
herself flat on the floor with the fire-fighter of her dreams on top
of her. Looking deep into his cool blue eyes she felt hotter then she
could ever remember being. His lips were so close to hers, she had but
to lift her head up and they would meet. Just as she contemplated
actually moving to kiss him, he moved.

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