Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Coming Together: Through the Storm review

I'm pleased to share with you all a great review that has been posted recently for Coming Together: Through the Storm, the charity anthology I edited.

Of course, authors have often used weather as a metaphor for human emotion. Like weather, sexual passion can be violent, disturbing, even frightening. Both can irrevocably change the world. This collection captures that truth. 

All proceeds from Coming Together: Through the Storm support the Mercy Corps, one of the charities working in the Philippines and elsewhere to help victims recover from natural disasters. However, this arousing collection would be worth buying even without the altruistic motivation.

Thank you very much to Lisabet Sarai for reviewing the book!

Now in other news between the 19th - 25th of this month Coming Together will be over at I'll be putting up a guest post about Coming Together: Through the Storm on the 20th. 

Secondly look out for more submission guidelines coming soon!


Spencer Dryden said...

I'm sure the people of North Platte, Nebraska would be shocked to know that two of your stories happened in that windblown town, making it the erotic storm center of the world. You should send a copy to the Chamber of Commerce.

Nicole Gestalt said...

Well the stories set there are all wonderful - so maybe one day I should!