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Alison Tyler's Never Say Never Blog Tour

A little while ago Alison Tyler interviewed Sommer Marsden in a way that I just loved – you can check out that interview here:

When Alison was looking for places to go on her Never Say Never tour I knew I wanted to take part and grab the opportunity to interview her! When she agreed I thought I'd turn the tables on her and interview her using the same technique – turns out it was far more difficult to come up with the questions than I thought it would be.

So without further ado let me welcome Alison Tyler to my blog.

Now that you have edited or written/are in over 100 books do you still get the same fears and worries (and of course excitement) about release day and how the book will be received?

Oh, my gosh. Yes. A huge yes. A major, all-star, fireworks-blasting yes. I recently finished proofing the manuscript for Wrapped Around Your Finger—and I have that constant, “Is this good? Will people like this? I think this is good. I mean, I like it. It’s probably good. What if it’s not good?” battle with myself all day long.

Everybody has a favourite author – who is yours and do you think they have helped shape you into the writer and editor you are today?

What’s so funny is that I don’t. I don’t have a favorite writer. I have favorite books. My #1 read-a-million-times title is “Getting It Right” by Elizabeth Jane Howard. But I never read anything else by her. I adore “The Godfather”—but I’ve read no other Puzo. I worship “Written on the Body” (and I do like several other titles by Jeanette Winterson), but I have not devoured all of her books.

But definitely, my go-to books have helped me strive to be a better writer. To be elevated.

Variety is the spice of life – as the famous saying goes. When it came to putting this book together how did you manage to narrow the categories down? And (yes I am cheating a little here by asking two questions in one!) what prompted you to originally produce a self-help/instruction book with fiction in it?

Never Say Never is the sequel to Never Have the Same Sex Twice. With the first guide, I ran out of space. I didn’t get to the kinky parts that I wanted to, because I maxed the word count. Cleis kindly let me continue with the second book.

I’m not a self-help-guide type of girl (although apparently, I’m addicted to hyphens). So I wanted to write a guide I would enjoy—using fiction, quotes, snippets, and advice from other people. If I were giving a workshop, I’d do the same thing. I wouldn’t stand on a stage by myself. (How lonely would that be?) I’d bring out 17 other knowledgeable people to contribute!

Emotions are hard things to pin down let alone write about. What is the easiest emotion for you to work with in you writing?

Perhaps it’s not the easiest of the emotions—but oh, how I love to play with jealousy. I like to push on it. Stretch it like a rubber band. There’s a strand of jealousy running through most of my stories and novels.

Reading is a favourite past-time for many people (thankfully or we would all be out of a job as writers!) what genre do you most enjoy reading?

I’m all about the noir, pulp fiction. Every Dashiell Hammett book. Every Raymond Chandler. I appreciate the genre in films, too. Sea of Love. The Big Easy. That type of suspense/thriller/erotically-charged atmosphere.

Surprises and gifts can be a great way to keep a relationship fresh and interesting. What was the last gift/surprise you received from your loved one?

Anyone who knows me well will guess the right answer: boots. Doc Martin engineer-style boots. That’s me you hear stomping on the sidewalk behind you!

Apart from writing for a living what would be your dream job?

I’d own the movie theater in the town where I grew up. (The theater was turned into a Borders, and when Borders went belly-up, the building became a hulking ghost of yesterday.) In the lobby, I’d have an art gallery where I would feature my favorite indie artists. And yes, I’ve thought about this way too often, and I incessantly wish I could hit a lottery and make the dream come true.

You’re stuck on a desert island what one CD/Record/Tape do you have to keep you occupied? And what other one thing would you take?

Fabulous question—I play this one all day long with myself. Which CD? What’s the perfect one? Mine is a mixed tape. Bowie. All of my favorite Bowie songs—and at the end, John, I’m Only Dancing five times in a row, so I don’t have to constantly rewind. Because I love that song so much.

One other item…A dictionary. If I’m going to be by myself on an island, I might as well work to improve my vocabulary.

Now Never Say Never is out what's next in the pipeline?

I’m sending the authors the galleys for Nine to Five Fantasies this week. (Yes, patient writers, you’ll be hearing from me shortly.) Generally, I’ll have one new project I’m working on, one project in copy-editing stages, and one ready for galleys. Right now, there are about 10 manuscripts in one of those stages!

Explain what Never Say Never is about in one hundred words or less.

You love your partner madly—the two of you click so well. Maybe you’ve been together for a decade. Perhaps you met a month ago. Wherever you are in the timeline of your relationship, you want to try a little kink. But you don’t know exactly how to start. Never Say Never will give you easy-to-follow tips, erotic inspiration in the form of sexy stories, and a friendly tour guide (yours truly) to assist you on the way. Next stop: Total pleasure!

Virtual book tours (such as this one) are a great way to spread the word. Where can readers find you next?

I’m totally excited to be part of Sommer Marsden’s tour for Poster Boy for Average. Check out her twitter: for updates!

Every relationship no matter how strong has its ups and downs. Do you think that a varying sex life helps strengthen a relationship?

Yes—you’re asking the girl who sees sex everywhere she goes. But yes—I think a strong, hard, throbbing… sexual connection is important. I’m wired like that.

Readers are so important for a writer and knowing where you can find a writer is important for a reader. Where can the readers of this blog find you on the world wide web?

Please be aware that if you Google me, you’ll probably find a different kind of “porn” star. There is an Alison Tyler (who has about a foot on me!) who does X-movies. Someday we ought to get together—I can do the script part!

Thanks to Alison Tyler for putting Never Say Never together and going on this blog tour! You can find the book here:
And of course on Cleis Press' own website (which is filled with awesome books by lots of great writers and editors):

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